Ooki Yuu
Japanese Name: 大木 憂
Romanized Name: Ōki Yū
Past Life: Carla Chrétien

Ooki Yuu is student of the Minato Prefectural High School and girl from class 1-4.  She is the reincarnation of Carla Chrétien, a knight of Moswick.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Ooki has short hair and chubby appearance. Her face is round and has freckles. She appears to be really bothered by her current looks especially compared to her appearance she had as Carla. Due to this she's shy person and rarely speaks out.


Ooki recollected her memories rather early. She was curious whether she could use her magic in this world too, She chose to use it deep in the mountains, which caused some landslide and unfortunately Minami, Haruko, Teshimano and Yanuma who were nearby were caught in it which caused them some injuries. She didn't want to expose her as a culprit behind it.

That led her to join Nishina's group who is searching for prince Eugene. As fellow Eugene's former knight Nishina think that her loyalties toward the prince are as strong as his, but for Ooki it's not such a big deal. She clearly likes Nishina, but has hard time expressing her feeling toward him, so she sticks to this version.


  • Nishina

She sticks to "prince group" because Nishina is part of it and she clearly has feelings for him, but she has hard time expressing them. Even others are noticing that she's more like "Nishina's knight" now than "Eugene's knight". Nishina seems to remain clueless about it.