Carla Chrétien
Japanese Name: カーラ・クレティエン
Romanized Name: Kāra Kuretien
Reincarnation: Ooki Yuu
Position: Knight of Moswick
Prince Eugene's Imperial Guard

Carla Chrétien was a knight of Moswick before she was reincarnated as Ooki Yuu.

She had three older sisters and one younger sister, Sally. 

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Carla was person blessed with natural beauty. She has tiny, womanly body, slender look, slim face with big eyes and eyelashed, fancy hair and mole on her chin. She was adored by many. Despite this she never aimed to polish her beauty and instead wanted to become decent knight who could protect people close to her and that her family would be proud of her.


Carla was born as 4th child among five in Chretien household, which weren't powerhouse thus wanted to make connections in various places. Her three older sisters were married into other noble families while she aimed to become a knight with her all heart since very young age, when she was reading books about knights all the time. Her parents supported her choice to widden their connections and after achieving many requirements she was admitted into facility for knights. 

Carla swore to protect her sister Sally, but she realized she failed even such simple task and wasn't able to save her sister from being forced into marriage. She offered to change places with her, but her mother scolded her for stepping down from her path as a knight for such trivial reason.

Carla always said that appearance is irrelevant for her since as a knight, body muscles and spirit is the most important. She says she had mismatched soul and body.


  • Sally

She was Carla's younger sister and she always envied her beauty since she had none and thought it's such a waste to aim for a knight with such appearance. As Sally didn't have any popularity among young noblemen her parents decided to force her into marriage to Moriente family to some remote place full of old men. Sally was really devastated by her fate and it really aggreviated her envy of her sisters beauty. It really depressed Carla and make her question just what kind of knight she is as she can't even protect her sister.


  • Carla was 15 years old right before entering the facility for knights.
  • She served prince Eugene as his knight for 3 years before she died in princess Veronica's castle.