Cotton Olve
Japanese Name: コットン・オルヴェ
Romanized Name: Kotton Oruve
Reincarnation: Nanaura Akira
Position: Squire of Zerestria
Birthday: September 9
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Cotton Olve is a squire of Zerestria. He is later reincarnated as Nanaura Akira.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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After the Olve family fell to ruin and started relying on family friends for support, Cotton made it his goal to restore the Olve's good name and honor to what it was before.

Moved by his grandfather's last words to him, Cotton went to Silenia Royal Military Academy to become a knight.

In chapter 30 it is said he betrayed Zerestria.


Glen Schreiber

Cotton met Glen at Silenia Royal Military Academy when they were both training to become knights. Though Cotton first didn't understand why Glen had no ambition, the two eventually became close friends.

Ashley Guivarch

Ashley, a Moswickian knight, gave Cotton a 'moral compass' when he said, "I believe that the moment you find something you can risk your life for and devote your life to protect is when you finally become human." They promised to protect Princess Veronica together.

Has an older sister and alcoholic father, with a deceased grandfather and mother.


  • Cotton likes alcohol and the city lights at night.
  • He dislikes unfriendly guys.

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