Hiroki Yuu
Hiroki Yuu
Japanese Name: 広木 悠
Romanized Name: Hiroki Yū
Past Self: Glen Schreiber
Birthday: August 4
Blood Type: B
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Favorite Color(s): "Vitamin colors"

Hiroki Yuu is the childhood friend of Motoi and Midou, and the reincarnation of Bart Schreiber, a squire of Zerestria. She is unable to use magic.

Hiroki is voice by Kawasumi Ayako in the drama CD.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Hiroki has long hair which looks orangish when seen in colour but dark when seen in the pages of the manga. Her eyes look like they are the same colour as hair.

Hiroki has a very free nature when she behaves as 'Hiroki Yuu' but acts similar to her past life counterpart at certain instances. She is quick to judge things (for instance when she just believed that Minami was not in the least bit like Veronica) and quick to act (this side resembles Takao strongly and the both of them have been seen to act in unision). 

Despite her inability to use magic, she is always ready to fight on the front lines. She is clearly loyal to Veronica/Minami and reacted strongly when Minami and Takao pretended to be enemies of Veronica. She is born a girl but some of her past life's feelings as a man influence her as when seen in one of the omakes.

On the whole, Hiroki's personality is free and outgoing but there are times when she seems lost in serious thought after a sudden statement.


After learning about her past life, Hiroki claimed to be Princess Veronica. It was only later, when Minami Harusumi exposed her bluff, that Hiroki 'admitted' to be Bart Belbania, and that her intentions had been to be Veronica's body double.

To begin with, Hiroki was displeased, and even questioned Minami's claim as Princess Veronica. After Zeze commented that both Minami and Veronica's determination to 'protect the castle/school' was the same, she finally seemed at ease with Minami as Veronica.

Hiroki has been seen frustrated about her disadvantage with her female body.

It is later revealed after the recovered memories and the confrontation from Midou and Momoko that Hiroki is actually Glen Schreiber, the adopted big brother of Bart Belbania. She had also collected memories from her time in middle school.


Motoi Hayato

Motoi has known Hiroki since they were in middle school. Motoi likes Hiroki and confessed to her in the spur of the moment. He was later rejected by Hiroki.

Midou Ryuuji

Like Motoi, Midou has known Hiroki since they were in middle school.

Hiroki is also known to have a father and mother.

Minami Harusumi

At first, Hiroki and Minami had an awkward relationship when she claims to be Veronica. But, she gradually becomes very loyal to Minami and tries to serve his wishes as a close friend.


  • Hiroki is the only female in the story who was male in her past life.
  • Hiroki and Minami are the only ones to have changed gender through their reincarnation.
  • She likes yakiniku (grilled meat), summer and ichigoore.
  • She dislikes raw fish and shellfish.
  • She has lost her ability to perform magic in her present life but she remembers how to use beginners magic.
  • The mangaka has proclaimed that Hiroki is the most difficult character to draw.
  • She is being used as a meter by the mangaka to see if the manga volume can be finished by the deadline.
  • Hiroki had her memories as Glen since Middle School
  • Hiroki plays basketball
  • Hiroki used to have short hair in middle school, but decided to grow it out to hide the scar on her left ear.

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