Jared Florio
Japanese Name: ジャレッド・フロリオ
Romanized Name: Jareddo Furorio
Reincarnation: Midou Ryuuji
Position: Priest
Birthday: September 26
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 64 kg

Jared Florio was a priest at the church before he was reincarnated as Midou Ryuuji.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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Jared first appearance in the manga was when his modern incarnation, Midou remembered him being present during Princess Veronica's magic contract ceremony in the church. He then met Princess Veronica again when he was sent to her palace in Zerestria.

Jared was also one of the few priests who pleaded for the church to assist Princess Veronica during the invasion and consequent ruin of Zerestria, but his pleas were firmly rebutted and rejected by the Head Priests to maintain that the church

Jared died sometime during the annihilation of Princess Veronica's castle.

His cause of death remains a mystery.


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  • Because of an early translation error, Jared was mistranslated as Gerald by a previous scanlator.
  • Jared likes pickled vegetables.
  • He can't swim.
  • He had older sister.