Lucas Erlanger
Japanese Name: リュカ・エルランジェ
Romanized Name: Ryuka Eruranje
Reincarnation: ???
Position: Priest

Lucas Erlanger was a priest of the church. He's believed to be mastermind behind the whole scheme, but he has yet to appear as reincarnation.

He was one of the priests who knew the truth behind the war, along Carlo and Patty.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Lucas has semi-long light hair and purple-bluish eyes. He has a mole under his left eye.

As for now he remains very mysterious person. He seemed to like gathering informations and gossips and then using them to his advance. He also seemed to like to tease and manipulate others from behind the scene.


As a small child, he was living in the slums and he once met Glen there. Nothing more is known about his past as for now.

He appeared in Rheinsberg Castle as one of the priest, but unlike others he was sent directly from the Papacy. He was there to manage the wedding ceremony between prince Eugene of Moswick and princess Veronica of Zerestria.

Lucas appeared curious about castle gossips, especially the one about squire Glen and princess Veronica being lovers. During the raid of Moswick army, when he was heading down with prince Eugene and Vince down the stairs to the basement, he was clearly trying to stir feelings of prince Eugene by telling him that gossip. 

It appears that he was collaborating with crown prince of Moswick, Evan, as he got from him personal orders. He was to protect prince Eugene so he could carry out his mission without problems. He knew that among prince's Imperial Guard there was someone who was working for opposite camp, but he didn't know who and that this knight might try to kill Eugene, so when Augustin run toward the prince with his sword unsheated, hidden Lucas killed him on the spot.

After reaching that basement, it turned out the whole place was destroyed. After the showdown here, the whole place was destroyed and Lucas was found badly hurt in the rumble. Priest Carlo found him there but unfortunately for Lucas, he refused to use healing magic on him and let him die here. The probability that he died because of magic is very high, so he most surely reincarnated in current world, but his identity is unknown.


  • Lucas and Glen met each other as children before.
  • He is suspect to be the priest that attacked Kamioka.
  • Prince Eugene described him as "church's dog" and trully irritating man as he clearly disliked him.