Minato Prefectural High School (県立湊高等学校) is the main setting of the series, and is the school where the present time characters attend.


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Class 1-4Edit

It seems that almost all the students from class 1-4 is a reincarnation of someone from the past. There are also students who are uninvolved with the matters of the past.


When class 1-4 was practicing for the basketball tournament in the gym, Minami's notebook was accidentally discovered by his classmates. This triggered the events that came afterwards.

Audio-Visual RoomEdit

The meetings concerning the past are usually held in the Audio-Visual Room after school.


Behind the school building is a mountain range. Minami and co. confronted Yanuma there. Later on, Minami, Takao, Teshimano and Yanuma were caught in a landslide.


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