Nanaura Akira
Japanese Name: 七浦 晃
Romanized Name: Nanaura Akira
Past Life: Cotton Olve
Birthday: July 22
Blood Type: AB
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Favorite Color(s): Orange

Nanaura Akira is the reincarnation of Cotton Olve, a squire of Zerestria. Although he is formerly a knight, he has no desire to go on as one.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

He is shown as generally laid back and prefers not to put effort into things. Oftentimes, he uses the phrase 'what a drag'.


Nanaura is in the soccer club.

Initially, Nanaura wants to stay out of the reincarnation business.

After regaining his memories as Cotton, he was approached by the 'mastermind' and blackmailed into helping discover who the reincarnations of Prince Eugene and Princess Veronica are.

Even under the mastermind's thumb, Nanaura is working hard to protect Cotton's promise with Ashley (reincarnated as Nishina) to protect the princess, to atone for his past life's mistakes.


Maki Yuuna

Nanaura fell in love with Maki at first sight. After inviting her to his group, the two ended up going out, although Maki is planning on betraying Nanaura and his group.


  • Nanaura like soccer, pizza and his pet cat.
  • He dislikes fresh cream.

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