Patty Herschel
Japanese Name: パティ・ハーシェル
Romanized Name: Pati Hāsheru
Reincarnation: Yamada Mizuki
Position: Priest

Patty Herschel was a priest at the church before she was reincarnated as Yamada Mizuki.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She was tall, slim woman with long brown hair and eyes. She appeared to be stern person, totally devoted to her religion and the Papacy.


Patty was one of the priests who knew the truth about the war (aside from Carlo and Lucas) and were pretty well-informed, but as a member of church she declares neutrality. 

Her role as a priest in the Rheinsberg Castle was "supervisor", she was to observe the flow of things and report them to the Papacy. If there was a slip in the plans, her duty was to correct it. If there were any obstacles, her duty was to remove them.

She died during the Moswick army raid from magic.