Rheinsberg Castle
Reinsberg castle
Japanese Name: ラインツベルグの城
Romanized Name: Raintsuberugu no shiro
Country: Zerestria

Rheinsberg Castle (also spelled as Reinsberg Castle) is the main setting of the history of the past. It was Princess Veronica's castle where the tragedy of the past took place.


The castle was in the far west from the imperial capital of the country of Zerestria. It was situated in the forest, on the hill. There was a village nearby. Even thought the castle was holding no strategic importance it was attacked and completely destroyed.

Princess Veronica grew up in the monastery until she was 14 years old and at the age of 15 years she moved to the Rheinsberg Castle, as all women from the Zerestria's royal family did in the past. She became the master of the castle and even thought there wasn't any sources of knowledge here (only old books and maps) she tried to learn as much as possible about the political situation, war state and surroundings. 

Few years after it was suddenly attacked by their ally, Moswick's troops from the mainland, under the false accusation of conspiring and treatening the balance of the world. In the turn of events, the light pillar magic was activated in the forest near the castle and the whole place was utterly destroyed, killing most, if not all, of the people gathered in the castle.

Stationed troopsEdit

Originally, the troops stationed at the castle consisted of Zerestria's knights, but they had left to the battlefield and in their place, young and inexperienced squires were sent.

The troops stationed in the castle were:


  • Princess Veronica
  • 3 imperial guard knights
  • 7 knight apprentices
  • 16 regular soldiers
  • 15 servants



  • 1 bishop
  • 6 priests

In total 67 people lived in the castle. People in the castle known as far:

Royal Family
1st Princess of Zerestria Veronica

Imperial Guard knights

1 Personal guard Rida Razarasare

Knight appentices

1 Squire Bart Belbania
2 Squire Glen Schreiber
3 Squire Chesmond Bartels
4 Squire Cotton Olve
5 Squire Aubrey Vikander

Regular soldiers

1 Soldier Peter Arce


1 Servant Adele Alcott
2 Servant Cordelia Paine
3 Servant Benno Bigot
4 Servant Nina Boucher


Royal Family

3rd Prince of Moswick Eugene

Imperial Guard Knights

1 Guard Capitain Augustin Fogelklou
2 Personal Guard Vince Everett
3 Guard Ashley Guivarch
4 Guard Calvin Plantard
5 Guard Carla Chrétien
6 Guard Conrad Carvajal


1 Servant Bella Abington
2 Servant Tag Leakey
3 Servant Kimura Maki

Bishop Gale Santoni
1 Priest, bishop's right hand Carlo Velbard
2 Priest from papacy Lucas Erlanger
3 Priest Jared Florio
4 Priestess Lily Eccleston
5 Priestess Patty Herschel
6 Priestess Sydney Bale

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