Rida Razarasare
Japanese Name: リダ・ラザラサーレ
Romanized Name: Rida Razarasāre
Reincarnation: Takao Haruko
Position: Guard of Zerestria
Birthday: May 29
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 58 kg

Rida Razarasare is Veronica's personal guard. She is later reincarnated as Takao Haruko.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

As Rida is Veronica's personal guard, she makes sure not to tread upon toes and follows rules to the letter, usually taking an amount of persuasion from Veronica before she does. She is often showed as serious, and is easily annoyed.

She wears chocolate brown hair in a bun behind her head and has bangs that don't cover her eyes.


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Because the Razarasare House has served the Zerestrian Royal family for generations, Rida devoted her whole life to protect Veronica as her guard. Although Rida tries to distance herself from being to close to Veronica, she does seem to enjoy herself with their close relationship.


Rida seems to have a rivalry with Glen as he is the only one other than herself who could make Veronica happy.
On the other hand, Glen had full trust on her as a comrade.


  • Rida likes ethics and physical activities.
  • She dislikes Glen.
  • She dislikes spiders, just like her reincarnation Takao.

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