Chapter 30 - 59
Japanese Name: 品川
Romanized Name: Shinagawa

Shinagawa is a 1-4 class member from Minato Prefectural High School. She appears to be not reincarnated and she's just normal class member.

She sits next to Teshimano Nao and has a crush on him.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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As far she remains unconscious about reincarnations and stuff and she leads normal life. In short shorty she's grumpy about Minami often borrowing her seat as it's the one close to Haruko's seat and she finds it difficult to tell Minami to stop doing this.


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  • she witnessed the scene with Abe's ruckus, magic usage and Nanaura jumping on the roof, but it diesn't look like it triggered any memories in her and she remains just a regular class member (volume 13)
  • first appearance: chapter 11 (as background character only)