Sydney Bale
Sydney bale
Japanese Name: シドニー・ベイル
Romanized Name: Shidonī Beiru
Reincarnation: Maki Yuuna
Position: Priestess

Sydney Bale was a priestess of the Church before she was reincarnated as Maki Yuuna.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She's portrayed as a girl with light blonde hair, but the color varies to gingerish too. The same goes to her eyes - on one colored arts they are usually blue, but they can be hazel colored on others, which might be confusing. The solid feature of hers is that she wears her hair in two loose braids in front of her.

On her left ear she wears light blue round earring, as each priest does.


Sydney lived with her family, consisting of mother, grandmother and few years younger sister and brother. Their father died in the war, leaving them behind, her grandmother also died. Hard times came for them and she stayed in home, while taking care of her sibilings and awaiting for her mother's return. Eventually the only thing that kept them warm and alive were themselves and old blanket, and each time snowstorm was knocking at the door, they believed it's their mother. Sydney's sibilings were crying and asking questions and as long as they had strenght to do this, it was a relief for Sydney, because it meant they still were alive. She became afraid of silence because it meant death to her and she seemed to despise loud people, because of fear that when they will be gone, the silence will be unbearable.

At least she survived through this and decided to became a priestess. She wished to join some tranquil monastery, like Rhinegalm Monastery which gave shelter to pilgrims, where she could learn that silence can also meaning peace and give you a feeling of security. Thus she was happy to hear she was assigned to the royal residence of princess Veronica and was surprised that it was totally different than what she thought it would be - not stern, but lively and full of loud people. She admitted to like it thought.

Sydney was one of the priests who didn't know about the Moswick army comming to attack Rheinsberg Castle. When Bishop Gale announced it to the priests and proceed to evacuate, at first she choose to follow him. They met with two other unknown priests in the forest near the castle, when suddenly they felt great tremor. Carlo decided to go back to the castle and it looks like Sydney decided to run after him, but lost sight of him soon.

Her reincarnation Maki stated in chapter 48 that she still doesn't remember how she died, but she doesn't want Ootomo to think that it was his fault, because she decided to come back on her own.


It seems Sydney was close with Lily, they were sometimes seen spending time together.


  • her backstory was enclosed in special booklet "Rencontre" added to volume 12.