Zeze Ryou
Japanese Name: 瀬々 稜
Romanized Name: Zeze Ryō
Past self: Prince Eugene
Birthday: December 3
Blood Type: AB
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 54 kg

Zeze Ryou is a student of the Minato Prefectural High School and a member of class 1-4. He chose not to remember who he was in his past life, but he has some overall knowledge about it. He is Prince Eugene's incarnation even though he himself is not aware of it.

Zeze is voiced by Morikubo Showtaro in the drama CD.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Zeze is a naturally laid back person with a tendency to edge away from trouble. He prefers staying normal rather than learning about his past.

He has blond hair and light brown eyes, if a little darker.

Zeze also has a tendency to refer to people by nicknames or in odd ways. Notably, he refers to Ootomo-sensei, Hirokicchi, Momokacchi, and at least once says "Maki-chan-san".


Not much is known about Zeze except that he is the person who allows all the meetings to take place at karaoke 7. Zeze, unlike the others did not see the flash of magic at the beginning of the story and his memories have been very fuzzy. The only reason he has any knowledge of the past is because he saw Minami's notebook. However, later, even after an encounter with magic, his memory continues to be vague- though over time he has been shown to be gradually recalling more information.

He has admitted that he had a clear memory of Veronica telling his past self that she would protect the castle no matter what happened. Recent chapters show him dreaming about prince Eugene's memories as a young child.


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Teshimano Nao

Teshimano is a friend of Zeze both before and after the members of class 1-4 begin to recall their past lives.

Minami Harusumi

Zeze is the one who gives Minami advice from time to time, even if it doesn't seem like it.


Zeze is also known to have a father, mother, and older sister. His father is the manager at Karaoke 7 where Zeze works. Additionally, his parents recently divorced.


  • Zeze's hobby is listening to music, especially electronica.
  • He likes spring, ramen, and sleeping.
  • He dislikes mornings.